Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Study Break

This is my little break from studying for my World Lit. test tomorrow.  I have several videos on my computer that I love to watch all the time.  Whenever I need to smile or just slip away for a moment i'll pull up one of my favorite videos.  So here it goes...

The first video is a clip from one of the greatest movies of all time, Top Gun.  If you haven't seen the movie, you need to get on that boat a.s.a.p.  Tom Cruise may not be the most brilliant man in the film industry now, but this movie was filmed in 1986 before he went crazy.

You have to admit, that is way better than a regular pick-up line!  Any girl would be crazy to refuse him after an impressive display like that.  The Righteous Brothers should be proud!  Unfortunately this only partially makes up for the slaughtering of "Unchained Melody" done by Ghost.  

The next video is not from a movie, but a concert in London in 1991.  I wish to everything that I could've witnessed this legendary performance.  I'll talk about it after you watch because I want it to be a suprise!  

My reaction to this video is downright pathetic.  Usually tears are involved.  Always chill bumps.  And i'm not even a huge Elton John or George Michael fan!  Music is just that powerful...  Look at the crowd.  How is it that music can move people so much?  

I don't have enough time to put any more on here tonight, but I still have sooo many to put on here some other time.  Odysseus is calling me.

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